About OrganicExportInfo

You want to export organic products? You are looking for information on organic standards, certification schemes and import regulations in different countries to understand the requirements for accessing their organic markets? Then this website might provide helpful information.

OrganicExportInfo informs on legal requirements and certification schemes relevant for exporting organic products into different target countries.

The navigation at the left shows the countries covered by this site.

For each country, you find information on:

1) mandatory organic standards and labels,
2) important voluntary organic standards and labels,
3) approved certification bodies/control bodies,

4) import requirements and
5) further information. 

Each chapter covers a short summary as well as a commented list of links on relevant websites where you can receive further information. Links on full text documents are provided, if available, to facilitate detailed investigation.

The export information service is part of the project “Consolidation of the Local Organic Certification Bodies” (ConsCert), funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), which aims at facilitating access to international markets.

Should you find content or links that are not up-to-date or should a link not lead to the website stated, we would be very happy, if you informed us by e-mail so we could correct it.